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What Our Clients Have to Say....

  • “Many, many years ago we’d be walking or driving, and we’d see her signs constantly and I said to Melissa, ‘This woman moves a lot of homes. She sells an awful lot of homes and if we ever get to a point where we want to sell our home I want to give her a try.’ Well, this year we decided to purchase another home and we said we would bring in four real estate agents, four of the top ones in Glendale, with one being Naira. When Naira came in, she was completely professional. She had the best marketing plan. She had the most tools to sell our home than any other agents combined. With the professionalism that she talked to us and her overall package, we decided to go with Naira. And we’re very pleased that we did. She made everything beyond easy and completely hassle-free. Within two days the house was sold, and we got 98% of the asking price and everything just worked out perfectly.”
    Name: Nara L.

  • “Naira sold our home faster than we thought to an amazing buyer. We were in a multiple offer situation, and we did go over the asking price. The strategies that Naira has implemented into listing and selling our home really helped in getting more than what we were initially expecting to have left in our pocket. Her team of experts is amazing, calling on a weekly basis and giving us updates on what’s going on with the escrow. We did not encounter a single bump throughout the open and close of escrow. We were referred to Naira and her team by a friend of ours whom she helped get into a bigger home with a pool. She was quick to find us what we were looking for and I am glad to have worked with her in both our transactions.”
    Name: Michelle Safarian

  • “As it turns out, our home sold anyway. Still, it was such a great relief to know that we could purchase another home without the fear of being caught owning two houses. Thanks, Naira for having such an innovative program like this that really works, because it took all that worry away. Naira and the entire team were terrific. Thank you.”
    Name: Barron G.

  • “If you need a real estate agent, you need Naira Khnkoyan. I had the arduous task of helping my family sell our condo which was nothing short of complicated. We previously listed with 2 other agents for 6 months and they failed. Then we were introduced to Naira by one of our good friends, and it was a blessing. We had some difficulties, true, out of the process of dealing with family members, each difficulty that arose, however, Naira took in stride and though I’m sure thugs took significant care and creativity on her part, she made it look and feel almost effortless. She was invested and in tune with our particular situation and made me feel like I was her number one client. You will not find a more approachable, kind, or caring person, particularly in this field. I don’t have the words to express how grateful we are for what she’s done for us. I can only recommend with everything I have that Naira is the only person you want representing you. She will have your best interests in mind and make the process of selling easy as pie!”
    Name: Armine Karamian

  • “We received 95% of our asking price; we have the closing date that we counted on; we had service far beyond our expectations. Our first viewing was within 4 hours of listing. Our first offer was 48 hours after viewing. Our second offer was 72 hours thereafter. We accepted the second offer for more than we had anticipated in the first place. Your team is the best without a doubt.”
    Name: Janet J.

  • “We started looking around and we saw that Naira had done the most advertising in the marketplace, and felt it was in our best interest to go with Naira and get an opportunity to quickly sell our home and move on to a new one. The Sunday Open House was an interesting idea where I thought we could get a lot of interest in our home quickly and have as many hits as possible on meeting our expectations for the price of our home. I was very impressed with Naira and her team and the whole concept of having this team to support the effort rather than just one real estate agent. We sold our home in two weeks for 98.8% of the asking price and we’re very happy with the results. We talked to our neighbors, and they were interested in selling their homes. We put them in contact with Naira and they were able to sell their home in a couple of weeks for 99% of their asking price. I’d highly recommend Naira and her team. They’re very efficient, friendly, and on the spot. They did a great job for us.”
    Name: Gina Linetta

  • “Very helpful and experienced agent. helped me to get the deal with advice to act faster than other buyers, is extremely professional and very knowledgeable. Naira gave her honest advice and she was extremely helpful throughout the process. She is very friendly and responds super quick. From our first conversation I knew Naira was different from the rest of the agents and that I had found the right person to help me buy my first home. She was always super professional - available and was there every step of the way. I highly recommend her and cannot say enough good things about Naira. She was extremely patient, able to offer professional insight and available at the drop of a dime. She was responsive and easygoing, which made the experience painless. We highly recommend Naira. The guarantee program that Naira offered really was the highlight of our deal. She negotiates a lump sum off your purchase price or she pays you a great deal of $$$ at closing!! My family and I are incredibly happy to have had the opportunity to work.”
    Name: Maggie Avanesian

  • “We would like to take this opportunity to thank Naira Khnkoyan and her team for all their help in the recent sale of our home. We were transferred to the U.S. and needed to get our home sold fast and for top dollar. Being so far away, we were unable to see the day-to-day activity of our home and being involved with the whole transaction, but Naira’s team did a great job of keeping us up to date and making sure things were looked after in the end, making it hassle-free. Naira, you made our move to Los Angeles worry-free. Thank you!”
    Name: Alen Gevorgi

  • “My wife and I saw a lot of Naira’s signs around town. We knew of her track record as a top producing agent, so we gave her a call. When Naira presented her unique and aggressive sales system that comes with so many benefits and services, we listed right away. No one else offered us so much without risk or obligation. Her marketing system works, and her track record speaks for itself. It’s not just theories and promises, but the straightforward, systemized approach for selling your home quickly, for the most amount of money, with no hassle. You get definite results. We listed on a Sunday and by Thursday the house was sold. Not only did it sell in four days, but it sold over 98% of our asking price. We recommended Naira Khnkoyan, her team, and above all her one-of-a-kind home selling system.”
    Name: Vladimir Sosov

  • “Thank you to you and your staff for your help with the sale of our current home and the purchase of our new home. Your system ensured that a variety of marketing approaches were used with respect to the sale of our existing house which sold for 95.04% of the listing price in 49 days. Your system also supplied us with a number of tools to help us preview a large number of houses in a minimum amount of time.”
    Name: Benson N.

  • “Naira was referred to us by my sister. When we met her the first time to go over the details of helping us sell our family home we really felt that she knew the market very well, Experienced & Knowledgeable. She gave us a game plan on what would be the best to do to get top dollar and that included decluttering and allowing her to stage the place that would look perfect in the potential buyer's eyes. Handing her the keys and trusting her with the process is the best advice I can give. Hiring a Professional and experienced Agent like Naira really makes everything so easy and gives you the peace of mind that everything is being done with not only 100% but 200% of her effort! We are incredibly happy with Naira and her team. They really put time into listening to the clients' wants and needs rather than just forcing their ideas on you. Highly and definitely recommended!”
    Name: Bob Kani

  • “I tried to sell my house on my own and wasn’t successful. I ended up wasting a lot of my time. I chose Naira Khnkoyan to represent me in the sale of my home and I’m extremely pleased that I did. I enjoyed the experience of selling my home because of Naira Khnkoyan’s performance and also because she has a super team supporting her. Naira actually brought the buyer and we had multiple offers on the house. We ended up selling in a short time for 99% of the asking price. Naira's Team Homeselling system is totally different from what anyone else is doing. I especially like the Sunday Open House as they take up very little time and I didn’t get kicked out of my house. I definitely recommend Naira Khnkoyan’s services whether you’re buying or selling a home.”
    Name: Mark B.

  • “We were extremely pleased with the hands-on service provided by Naira and her team in the sale of our home. The team kept us calm and collected throughout the process and wrapped things up with speed and skill. Our home was listed on Thursday, and it sold 4 days later on Monday night for 98.2% of our asking price. Thank you!!”
    Name: Tony S.

  • “My wife and I were first-time home sellers. Naira Khnkoyan was totally understanding and supportive throughout the whole process. Thanks to her amazing advertising exposure we had an offer in only a week and a half. And less than two weeks later our home sold thanks to the great exposure that it received, including the Sunday Open House, which conveniently brought a large group of people through our home in a short time. It was a very positive experience. We would recommend her system to anyone who wants to get top dollar and quick turnover.”
    Name: Roberta Hill

  • “After months previously on the market with another agent twice that couldn’t sell. When we decided to let Naira’s team do the job for us, we knew immediately that we would have a different experience. Naira runs her business more like a company. In contrast to the negative experience, we had with the other agent (where we always felt we were bothering them when we phoned for information), with Naira’s team everyone in the office had a role. We sold our home in 9 days! Incredible team that I cannot say enough about. They are the most professional, kind, and knowledgeable realtors in the area. They care a great deal about ensuring that they bring on only the best to their team. Innovative and they attack real estate in a way no one else does. This is not your ordinary real estate team. I would trust each one of them to take care of my family by finding us the perfect home, listening, and caring about our needs, and making it a headache-free process! Thank you Naira! You are the best! Highly Recommend!”
    Name: Rupa and Tepas Tejura

  • “We would like to thank you and your team for all your help. You guys were working daily after our quick sale to help us find just what we were looking for. Which we did just 17 days later. This great result was all thanks to your team, and primarily Naira. She was wonderful to work with and very patient and understanding. For sure it was a stressful rollercoaster ride, but Naira never missed a beat (even though we did a few side steps on her.)” “Your whole team was wonderful. The Naira Team Homeselling Team is excellent in our minds! Thank you to all of you for everything.”
    Name: Thomas O.

  • “Naira Khnkoyan Is the most professional and experienced real estate agent I have ever worked with. She devotes her years of expertise and knowledge to her clients and what is best for them. When I was buying my home in the Rossmoyne Historic Center of Glendale, California. I was sure that Naira would help me with everything I needed. She did just that and went above and beyond the call of duty. Naira Khnkoyan cares about her clients so much, she wants to make sure that everything she does is to the highest possible standard. With this in mind, she has many offers and programs that make It safe, reliable, fast, and profitable to work with Naira. I know that if anyone works with Naira they will walk away knowing that Naira devotes all her energy into making sure that her clients receive the best possible expertise offered by anyone.”
    Name: Melkon and Ruzan A.

  • “We had our home listed with another agent prior to using the Naira Team Homeselling system but our house didn’t sell. When we decided to let Naira’s Team do the job for us, we knew immediately that we would have a different experience. Naira advertised our house more, and her team members were more knowledgeable and professional. Naira runs her business more like a company. In contrast to the negative experience, we had with the other agent (where we always felt we were bothering them when we called for information), with Naira’s Team everyone in the office has a role. When we had a question, they were more than happy to answer it. This gave us a lot more confidence in the process.”
    Name: Danielle H.

  • “I couldn’t have been more pleased. In 9 hours, it was all over. We had our first showing on Saturday at 11am, and by 8pm our home was sold. The other thing I was really impressed with was that after our home was sold, Naira’s office gave us a questionnaire to fill out so we could evaluate the job they did. They also gave us a gift certificate to a local restaurant to say thank you. You don’t see a lot of that customer service anymore.”
    Name: Suzanne B.

  • “Many years ago, we met Naira at an open house. My wife and I had been looking for a home for some time and had been through a couple of agents prior to meeting Naira. I can say that Naira really stood head and shoulders above the other agents. A couple of years later, we received orders and had to move across the country. We notified Naira and discussed the options of whether to make our home a rental property or sell it immediately. Naira said, “Don’t Sell!” She then explained a few financial options to us which helped us decide to make our home a rental property for a year before yelling. A couple of months ago we decided we wanted to buy a home on the East Coast which meant that we needed to sell our home in LA first (for the down payment). Obviously, we called Naira. She immediately worked out a plan with the tenant and over her into another property that her team manages. Naira’s team are experts at marketing and the first weekend we had multiple offers to buy our home. Through some innovative negotiating techniques, Naira managed to get a buyer to pay $5,000 OVER the asking price! 10 days escrow ALL CASH! We could not believe it. However, 10 days later, we received a check from escrow well in excess! Working with Naira and her team has been a fantastic experience before, during, and after our real estate transactions. Highly Recommended!”
    Name: John Nolan

  • “I used Naira’s team to sell another home for me in the past so it was a no-brainer when it was time to sell my current home. Naira came over, explained the process to me, and went into depth about what we could expect. I was surprised at all of her new systems, and it was very obvious to me that she takes her team very seriously. She had accomplished a lot since she had last sold a home for me. Naira and her team followed up with the agent for every showing and she made adjustments to her marketing accordingly. It was obvious she had her finger on the pulse and watched in real-time what the market was doing. Soon enough, we had our buyers and entered escrow. Again, Naira explained in detail the process that we were about to start as we entered that phase of the transaction. There were no surprises and once again I was happy with Naira’s team!”
    Name: Wyatt and Joyce

  • “We would recommend Naira Khnkoyan and her wonderful team to anyone. They were very competent and gave us over-the-top service. Whenever we had a question, they answered it. Whenever we had a special need, they were there. Naira’s a very smart woman and a true businesswoman. We never felt pressured, and we were very happy with the result they got for us.”
    Name: Hayk H.

  • “Naira’s team provided us with very professional service in the sale of our home. Every step in the process was well organized and well-executed. We got a quick sale and the price we wanted. Naira’s office is very efficient. Everyone there is specialized in the job they do. They know what they’re doing. They always called to give us information and warn us when people were coming to view our home. I highly recommend her.”
    Name: Athena G

  • “If you are thinking of selling or buying a home, you have to call Naira. She has over 1,800 buyers-in-waiting looking to buy a home in the area and over 200 sellers in her pipeline ready to sell to the right buyer. Naira offered us to sign up to her VIP buyers where she offers free search and match, and she analyzes her buyers/sellers-in-waiting in her database and BOOM, a month later she got us an off-market triplex townhouse style, multi-family home in 2016 for approximately $1.5mil in Montrose, Ca. My family and I are first-time buyers and we were completely new to everything Naira and her team made our home buying experience one to remember and we absolutely recommend her to everyone. She arranged for me to meet with a superb lender, who was extremely informative and helpful. Naira made the home buying process seamless, efficient, and enjoyable. Her communication system is top-notch. She is on call 24/7 with any of your needs. Presentations are beyond professional and informative. I have learned a great amount of information from the presentation that she had delivered to us. I strongly recommend Naira to everyone whether you are interested in buying or selling. Do not hunt elsewhere for a top-notch broker to work with!”
    Name: Tigran Poghosyan

  • “After 3 months previously on the market with another agent that couldn’t sell, I found Naira and her team via a mailer that she sent me. I noticed that her message was quite different from the other mailers that I receive almost daily, so I gave her a call. I found her team to be very responsive and we met soon after. I had a rental property to sell, but it was tenant-occupied. Naira spent a lot of time with me going over the various options of how to sell a home when it’s tenant-occupied. Naira gave me the pros and the cons of each option in detail, and soon we had a plan. Naira’s team proved to be the marketing experts, using a lot of innovative methods, many of which I had never seen. Within just a few days, we had a full-price offer on my home. The escrow turned out not to be an easy one. While the process was somewhat stressful, Naira and her team guided me and expertly negotiated through the process. Their advice and recommendations proved to be excellent. What I also appreciated is that they remained helpful after the closing of escrow. When we first met, Naira told me, “Just because escrow has closed and I have been paid, does not mean I stop taking your calls. If you need anything or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call.” That turned out to be true. An issue did arise a couple of months after escrow closed, and Naira and her team were just as helpful and responsive as they were prior to and during the escrow process. Naira and her team are competent and professional, and I highly recommend them.”
    Name: Silva Shashgulian

  • “Naira is truly an incredible Real Estate Broker! My wife and I chose not to interview any agents because we already knew Naira was the agent we wanted to represent us in the sale of our home! From many years of receiving her marketing material, her record-breaking sales, and top sold’s, we knew there wasn't anyone around to come close to competing with those numbers! We called her over, She took a tour of our home and then told us her suggested list price and expected sales price. Naira listed the home, after 1 week of the open house she got even more than the expected price she had proposed to us. We were shocked and so excited at the same time. She got us $400,000 over the asking price and an ALL CASH Deal only 10 day close with no inspections. There was no property sold for that price in our neighborhood. Until this day we have neighbors calling and asking us how the property sold so High! My family and I highly recommend Naira and her team. All around 10 stars for the hard work, communication and just making it such a seamless transaction for us. We will be using Naira for our home purchase as well. She will never let you down. She walks you through each step of the transaction and always gives the best suggestions.”
    Name: Robert Abediyan

  • “From start to finish, Naira Khnkoyan’s Platinum Realty Group is by far the best realty firm we’ve ever dealt with. In 29 years of owning and selling 9 homes, this was by far the most satisfying, seamless, efficient transaction we’ve had. Naira was friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. We felt like we were working with a long-time family friend. Our home was sold in one (1) day for $ 50 K MORE than the listing. Those are the results! For real estate in Glendale, you would be remiss in going anywhere else. Naira and her team are absolutely the BEST!”
    Name: Tom Dolbert

  • “Naira and Karine had our house under contract within three weeks of initial listing, with a full price offer. We are very thankful to them for their hard work and diligence that made this happen. Not only did they get us top dollar for the house, but they also helped with a couple of potential disasters during the process. First, a bunch of mud slid into the pool from a burst sprinkler pipe up the hill on the day before our first open house - but they had the pool cleaned and back to being beautiful just in time for the showing! Then the air conditioning went out in 115-degree heat the day before the inspection, and she got it repaired the same day! You never know what will happen when selling a house, but rest assured they will have your back and make sure everything possible is done to make it the most smooth and efficient (and profitable) experience no matter what. With the lengths that she and her team went through, no other agent would do that. She really treated us like family! I would without a doubt in my mind recommend her to any buyer or seller instantly. Nobody will give you a house buying or selling experience like Naira.”
    Name: Bryan and Joan Kenworthy

  • “I am very pleased with the level of service and expertise Naira and her team delivered to my family and me during our transaction. She SOLD our home within 1 week and even guaranteed the sale! Staging and deep cleaning of our home were completely complimentary from Naira, which we are forever grateful for! We have worked with many agents previously, however, we are the most pleased with Naira! She is truly the top negotiator and most professional agent and I highly recommend her to anyone. What is most special about Naira is that she donates proceeds of her sales to THE CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL OF LOS ANGELES every year, this is what makes her so special!! Thank you NAIRA for absolutely everything!”
    Name: Arman Melkonyan

  • “I had an investment property in Hollywood Hills and interviewed a few real estate agents/firms to sell it. Initially, I was concerned and I wanted a company that would make the process as easy as possible while getting top dollar. Naira and her team were my choices! I was blown away by their initial presentation and made me feel comfortable listing with them. From the beginning of the process to the end, Naira and Karine made it extremely easy as they kept me updated and responded very quickly to any phone calls or emails. Naira and Karine were great agents to work with, they're knowledgeable and get things done fast. An amazing group in the business. They genuinely care about their clients and do everything they can to make you feel special and taken care of. If you're looking to buy or sell a home and don't want to deal with mountains of stress and worry, this is the place to go. They were extremely kind and patient with my celebrity tenants and made sure they kept everyone happy. They found the buyer for my home and the escrow period was 30 days! They closed the deal on the 20th day! They also staged my home in such an elegant way at no cost to me it was all complementary! No other agents that I interviewed offered to stage my vacant home after the tenants officially moved out. These ladies really get the job done in the most pleasant way.”
    Name: Pierre Yaralyan

  • “Naira is the epitome of a professional! She is trustworthy, hardworking, caring and a true friend. She even offered to take my cat as I couldn’t move her! That’s above and beyond! The sale of my home was handled perfectly, thanks to Naira’s experience, wisdom, and attention to details. I highly recommend her!"
    Name: Lanna G. Borom

  • “Naira was the seller's agent for the house we purchased this year. We originally did not have our own agent so she became the agent for both parties. That's how we met and I can't be thankful enough for all the circumstances that connected me and my family with the most knowledgeable, loyal, and professional agent. We enjoyed the whole process of our purchase as Naira was going above and beyond to provide quick answers and solutions to all questions. The result of this smooth transaction was that we decided to continue working with Naira, this time as a seller. So right after that purchase, we sold 2 of our properties with Naira's tremendous help. She is always there for the clients, no matter what time of the day it is. She puts herself in clients' shoes and you can always feel the care and support from her side. I am very glad to know Naira as a professional agent and I am much happier to know her as a great person with a wonderful heart.”
    Name: Anna Petrosyan

  • “Words cannot express how grateful I am. Naira Khnkoyan was very professional, flexible and experienced. She found my dream house, and made the process so easy. I highly recommend her as a very responsive and supportive agent.”
    Name: Lilit Kalashyan

  • “Naira Khnkoyan and her team of professionals delivered on everything they promised. She brought both national and international attention to our Los Angeles based equestrian estate. From contract sign-up until the close of escrow, she was always accessible and attentive to our needs and requirements. Highly recommend.”
    Name: Kat & Darren Fashaw

  • “Lilit and her mother Naira are an exquisite duo power-team that will make any complicated and time-sensitive impossible transaction a reality. They are both very friendly, patient, responsive, and on top of all the required steps for a purchase to go through as smoothly as possible. These two know how to be the leaders to push things forward, when a huge team of different professionals such as escrow officers, reverse exchange attorneys, seller agents, etc. are involved. Great coordinators and so communicative. They not only made a 20 days escrow close on time, but also assisted with the reverse exchange transaction that was happening at the same time. Certainly, experts in their field of profession; yet humble and giving when it comes to advice and guidance. BEST team ever! "Best" is an understatement and we would definitely recommend any home-buyer to take advantage of this amazing real estate team.”
    Name: Annashay Stepanian

  • “My wife and I decided to retire and move to Texas and into our dream home. We interviewed several agents but there was only one that really stood out. We did not agree to have Naira sell our home initially as we promised ourselves that we would hear each agent before we made our decision. What we learned from that process was that we were wasting our time interviewing other agents. We hired Naira and they immediately had an action plan for us to ensure that we got top dollar for our home. We followed her instructions, and her plan went extremely well. Her pre-marketing was superb and once we hit the market, we had multiple offers. However, about 20 days into the transaction we were alerted that the buyers were refusing to remove their contingencies. This is obviously a concern. Upon investigation, it was determined that the buyer’s lender was in fact not able to provide financing for his buyers despite multiple assurances early on that he would be able to. Naira did everything possible to burn the candle at both ends- by that I mean they attempted to help the existing buyer obtain financing while, at the same time, soliciting new offers in the event that the buyer would be unable to obtain financing. Unfortunately, the buyer's financing fell through, and that escrow ended up being canceled. The good news is that Naira immediately had another offer and we were back in escrow and went much smoother. Overall, it was a difficult process as many home sales are. I’m very happy that I had an entire team of seasoned professionals working for me that made the process as smooth and profitable as it could have possibly been.”
    Name: Dennis and Leslie Konstanti

  • “We had heard many great reviews about Naira Khnkoyan. Once my husband and I decided to sell our Condo, we called Naira. Soon after, we realized that Naira is not your average agent and there was no need to interview anyone else. Naira was thorough in explaining. Had her professional crew get to work immediately. After the first weekend of open house, we accepted an offer. The big deal about working with Naira is that you know she is your advocate and is protecting your interest, not just working for commission. We highly recommend Naira and the Platinum Realty team and we are very thankful for a smooth sale.”
    Name: Lia Kanian & Arthur Khanbabians


“Many, many years ago we’d be walking or driving, and we’d see her signs constantly and I said to Melissa, ‘This woman moves a lot...
- Nara L.

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